Tuesday, February 3, 2009



Tattoo art is art that is designed on the human body for a variety of reasons. Tattoo design is done just for fun and also helps to represent a particular team, etc. For example, tribal people used to have tattoos designed on their bodies, to prove that they were the representatives for a particular tribe. Today we talk more on Chinese tattoos. Chinese tattoos today are very much in fashion. Not only people in China favor them, but also people in other parts of the world love to get Chinese tattoos designed on their bodies.

People use a lot of calligraphy in the Chinese tattoos. This is because calligraphy is the highest form of Chinese art. Chinese tattoos have been very prominent in China since thousands of years. There have been discoveries of tattoos on Mummies that were found in the Xinjiang province of China. Tattooing in the neighboring country of Japan also dates back to the Paleolithic Era.

Chinese tattoos are preferred by people from all nationalities. You may see Hollywood stars sporting cool Chinese tattoos as well as pop singers who flaunt them. The Chinese characters have their own district beauty and they convey various religious meanings. Hence we see that people love sporting Chinese tattoos. There are in fact many people in western countries who have permanent Chinese tattoos embossed on their body parts like the lower back, the neck and also the shoulders.

The various types of Chinese tattoos say a lot about your personality. Most of them, as mentioned before, are done in calligraphy style. In case you have a tattoo designer in your locality, there are a lot of chances that he will design Chinese tattoos as well. This is because these Chinese tattoos are very famous all around the world. The designer will show you ready made Chinese tattoos in his book and ask you to select one from the hundreds of designs in his collection. In case you have a particular design or idea in mind that is not printed in his book, you can explain your idea to the designer.

You should keep some things in mind in case you want a Chinese tattoo designed on your body. First of all don not get your name designed in Chinese. Also consult a native Chinese speaker before finalizing your Chinese tattoo design. Also you can get a good Chinese idiom for your tattoo.